FM MP3 transmitter

MP3 or iPod songs on a FM radio

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A FM MP3 transmitter is a device that allows you to listen to your MP3 or iPod songs on a FM radio.

You are basically setting up your own (very local) radio station, it means you can take your portable MP3 or CD player and tune your radio in your car, living room or anywhere else you care to have a radio, into the signal. What this means is you can then listen to all those MP3 or CD tracks in the car without having to invest in a dedicated MP3 player for the car. fm mp3, mp3 fm, FM Radio Transmitter, Transmitter FM, MP3 Car Transmitter, iTrip, iTrip Mini, iTrip Nano, MP3 Player, Wireless Transmitter, Nano Transmitter, RF Transmitter, MP3 Car Transmitter

FM Transmitter is a small portable device that plugs into stereo output and transmits through a selected frequency. You can listen to your iPod, MP3, PDA or iPhone in your car, office or in the home without an audio input jack and quickly find the best FM station. FM transmitters are usually powered via battery but some use the cigarette lighter socket in cars, or draw their power from the device itself.


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